good website + SEO + SEM = increased sales

Sioux Falls online marketing consulting, web development, SEO & SEMThat's the new rule for success today. 

If you do not excel at every part of this formula you are losing business to your competitors... and future competitors who will do it even better.

Web Rule 1 helps small businesses excel at all three aspects

Your website is just the first step.  It makes the first impression to new prospects.  But we need SEO and SEM to drive more prospects to your website so it can do it's job of finding new customers.

SEO is Search Engine Optimization  It's the special techniques applied to your website pages so they rank high in search engine results.  This way new prospects will find you when they search for your product or services.

SEM is Search Engine Marketing  It's the practice of buying paid search listings.  It can be targeted to countries, states or cities and results are easily measured.  If you are reluctant to pay to drive interested prospects to your website, get over it, fast. It is the most efficient form of advertising.

But wait, there's more.